Protect our health
and protect our rights.

The Dutch government is exploring the use of an app meant to offer you insight into whether you have been in the proximity of someone infected with the COVID-19-virus. Should the authorities deploy such an app, then it should meet with the following requirements. These requirements have been drawn up by experts in the fields of information technology, computer security, privacy and the protection of constitutional rights. We believe these principles to be necessary for the protection of our freedoms and rights as well as our safety and social cohesion. Should these principles not be met, we don't have confidence in any such app and we will resist its implementation.
All in all, contact tracing apps should be temporary, transparent, completely anonymous, voluntary and user friendly, free of commercial interests, and they should be brought under the control of independent experts. The coalition calls on the minister to acknowledge and meet these demands. The fight against the coronavirus must not lead to a weakening of our privacy and our fundamental rights. If the system that is currently being developed does not meet these requirements, the coalition will resist its implementation to the best of its ability.


Bits of Freedom
Amnesty International Nederland
Internet Society Nederland
Code for NL
Free Software Foundation Europe
Rob Stadt, Platform FG Zorg
Amsterdam Smart City
Marietje Schaake
Mark Fonds, Gemeente Amsterdam
Panoptykon Foundation (Poland)
Homo Digitalis (Greece)
Državljan D / Citizen D (Slovenia)
Xnet (Spain)
Open State Foundation
Platform Burgerrechten
Nederlands Juristen Comité voor de Mensenrechten
Bureau Jeugd en Media
Roel Dobbe, AI Now Institute
Qiy Foundation
Dyne foundation
Startpage / Startmail
Bart Jacobs, hoogleraar computerbeveiliging, voorzitter Privacy by Design (IRMA)
Jaap-Henk Hoepman, Radboud Universiteit, Privacy & Identity Lab
Olaf Kolkman, Principal Internet Technology, Policy, & Advocacy at Internet Society
Seda Gürses, TU Delft
Roxane van Iperen, schrijver
Sheila Sitalsing, journalist
Maxim Februari, schrijver
Matthijs Koot, Universiteit van Amsterdam / Secura
Anco Scholte ter Horst, Freedom Internet
Joris van Hoboken, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Valerie Frissen, directeur SIDN fonds, Universiteit Leiden
Mieke van Heesewijk, SIDN fonds
Sjoera Nas, Privacy Company
Linda Duits
Utrecht Data School, Universiteit Utrecht
Douwe Schmidt,
Natali Helberger, hoogleraar Informatierecht Universiteit van Amsterdam
Guido van 't Noordende, Universiteit van Amsterdam en Whitebox Systems
Ot van Daalen, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Paul Keller
Brenno de Winter
Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius, hoogleraar ICT en recht, Radboud Universiteit
Instituut voor Netwerkcultuur, Hogeschool van Amsterdam


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